We Did It! (Kinda)


Ready or not…

First of all, thanks to all the generous supporters of our ride.  Because of you, we donated more than $2,000 to the Children’s Miracle Network in honor of Vinny Bocchino.  I’ve personally never raised this much money for anything in my life.  It felt so good to do something so positive for a guy who made quite an impression on our lives!

Our Journey (not what we expected)

Now, for the good part.  If we could sum up the entire weekend, the theme would be: not what we expected.

But we had fun, and that’s what mattered.  So, let’s begin….


It’s Ride Time! Track Us Here

Here We Go!

On Thursday, September 11, 2014 at 7 am, we will leave Waxhaw, NC in our idiotic journey to Mt Pleasant, SC.

Needless to say, we’re both excited and relieved it’s finally here.  After months of training, we both feel nervous but confident and ready.  No more planning, training in 100-degree heat, or bike repairs.  Now we prove we can do it!

There’s still time to donate to the Children’s Miracle Network.  On Sunday, September 14, we’ll close the account and all our proceeds will go directly to CMN.  Donate by clicking on the button to the right.

You Can Live Track Us

Lastly, if you want to track our progress in real time, create a free MapMyRide account, then friend me.  On my profile page, so long as we’re actively riding, you’ll see a link to track our progress at the top of the page.

We’ll be riding every morning between Thursday and Saturday, assuming the weather doesn’t hold us up.  I’ll try my best to blog about our progress during our stops.

Happy touring!




Last Long Ride: Tour de Charlotte 45 mi

intro-1In our last long ride before the Two Idiots embark on our idiotic journey across South Carolina, we took a Sunday morning trek through Charlotte.  We started in South End, headed north through NoDa, south into Meyers Park followed by Sharon Amity, up Monroe, across Uptown to Rozzelles Ferry, out to the airport, then back West Blvd.

I had never taken a tour through Charlotte like this before because of traffic, but Sunday morning rides are the best, especially if you get out early.  A cool front took the sting off of the humid air, so we had a 10 mph NW wind for most of the journey.

One Week Until Our Ride! Getting Packed & Remembering Vinny

IMG_0007.JPGOn Thursday, September 11 We Ride!

We’re anxiously awaiting our ride start on Thursday, September 11, 2014!  We’ve updated our course slightly to take advantage of more back roads heading out of Charlotte.  To do that, we’ll start in Waxhaw instead of SouthPark.  Take a look at the revised map.

Barring any major weather, bike, or injury issues, we should find ourselves in Mt Pleasant, SC by noon or 1 pm on Saturday, September 13.


Bike Waxhaw, Mineral Springs, and Wesley Chapel, NC

ar126184360950842We rode this in early August but I forgot to post it until now.  A really nice ride through rural NC backroads.  The route takes you through horse farms and corn fields, making it feel more like a trip through central/eastern Kentucky than the Piedmont of NC.

As Charlotte continues to rapidly expand, it’s harder and harder to find roads that aren’t congested with suburban traffic.  A lot of this route is no different, spotted with neighborhoods that have sprung out of farmland.  Still, the ride was peaceful, and if done on an early Saturday or Sunday morning, would make for a quiet yet challenging course (we road on a Sunday afternoon, and the traffic picked up throughout the ride).

UPDATE: New Ride Dates

Still interested in riding with us? Now there’s more time to think about it.

Unfortunately with the upcoming heat wave that will sweep across the Carolinas next week, the Two Idiots aren’t idiotic enough to ride in 97 degree heat. We were hoping the cool summer would prevail, but no dice. Nature had other plans apparently.

So, we’ve decided to delay our ride, now set for September 11-13. Barring any hurricane warnings, mid September should give enough time for a cool front to push through and make for a more enjoyable ride.

Interested in riding?
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We’ve also tweaked our journey to incorporate more back roads and less highways. I’ll be re-adding I’ve re-added water/food and hotel stops. Additionally, we decided to leave from Waxhaw instead of Ballantyne to ease the start out of Charlotte.
Check out our route

Last Long Ride Together! Two Idiots Bike Across Carolina in Two Weeks

6356258149_ce49d6a055_zIt’s almost that time!  The Two Idiots plan to hit the road Thursday, August 21 in our trek across South Carolina.  We got in one more ride together on a cloudy, cool, humid, rainy Charlotte morning.

Actually, it felt good to get a rainy ride in.  With so many unknowns across more than 200 miles, I wanted to see how we’d fare in light rain.  All our bike equipment passed the test, but we both agreed that our packed gear wouldn’t survive a rain storm in canvas bag.  So, we’ll be wrapping everything up in plastic before we head out.


Children’s Miracle Network – We’re Really Close to Our Goal!

intro-1We’re just about $300 towards our goal of $2000 in honor of Vinny Bocchino and the Children’s Miracle Network!

Please consider a small donation – $25 or $50 goes a long way – to help save the lives of countless children.  Your dollars support research and training, purchase equipment, and pay for uncompensated care, all to save and improve the lives of as many children as possible.

For those who didn’t know Vinny and the amazing work he did for Florida State’s Dance Marathon in support of CMN, check out this snippet from an article that named him FSU’s 2005-2006 Humanitarian of the Year:

Each year, Florida State’s students hold a Dance Marathon, where they pledge to remain standing, and dancing, for the benefit of the Children’s Miracle Network. Vinny served as the event manager for the 2005 Marathon, which raised over $224,000 to save children’s lives. [In 2006], as overall director, Vinny organized the 32-hour event in which over $270,000 was raised.

If Vinny could direct a group to raise $270,000 in 32 hours, then I know we have it in ourselves to burst through that last $300 threshold before the Two Idiots ride across South Carolina beginning August 21st.

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Bike Grandfather Mountain

Looking south on the Linn Cove Viaduct

Looking south on the Linn Cove Viaduct

With beautiful 4th of July weather making it feel like fall in the mountains, and lots of training still ahead, the two idiots embarked on a 42-mile training ride in Blowing Rock, NC.  I couldn’t get over the beauty of the Blue Ridge on such a clear day.  It felt like we could see for thousands of miles in all directions.

Still, the course was a challenge.  Our initial ascent up to the base of Grandfather Mountain on Hwy 221 was relatively smooth sailing, as was the 42 mph descent into Linville of course.

The Blue Ridge Parkway was another story entirely.  A steep, gradual climb up to the Linn Cove Viaduct left us with little energy to return; thankfully the descent back into Blowing Rock made us feel like we had completed our journey with only 2 miles to go.  But I made the bonehead decision to start our trip at the top of Moses Cone Park, at Cone Manor.  A great plan for our initial trip out, but a steep, grinding, traffic-filled, seemingly vertical traverse back up to the top was an exhausting way to complete the ride.


Bike to the National Whitewater Center

US-national-whitewater-center-channelsAlmost paralleling the airport route, a round-trip bike from South End Charlotte to the US National Whitewater Center will take you anywhere between 30-40 miles, depending on how many loops you add during the route.

Our route took us south and west of the CLT airport, then west on Old Dowd Rd.  We both commented on how quickly metro roads turned into rural backroads the moment you crossed over I-485.  In less than 15 minutes, jet fuel and Boeing 777s became industrial centers, followed by farmland filled with cows, horses, and goats.  Sam Wilson Rd in particular reminded us of rural South Carolina and the flat scenery we’re likely to encounter during our August ride.